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    LGBT+ anime- any recommendations?

    Watched Gravitation years ago and that led me to the Junjou Romantica series! If you're after comedy/ romance BL...give Junjou a go :)
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    What Music are you listening to? Discussions Welcome!

    Sia - Alive (makes me want to actually do something) or Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal ("Annie are you ok?" parts gets right on my tits but I can't stop listening to it!)
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    So What's Your Avatar Pic?

    Kagura from Gintama............nice and easy :) ↑ = loving the pic!
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    This or That

    Grim! Coke or Pepsi?
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    Thanks for the welcome :oops: Haven't even heard of it so I'll add it to my list! Thanks for the suggestion :D Main thing I've forgotten is that there isn't enough hours in the day to watch all the anime! Lol I've missed the puns/jokes.
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    I've been lurking anon for a while and felt I should join :) I've liked anime for a while but I've been out of touch for the past few years due to life..... Been getting back into it these past few months and don't really know anyone who shares this interest with in my area. Recently watched...