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  1. SAHO

    Gacha Games Thread

    What is a gacha game? A gacha game is a genre of video games that implement the gacha (toy vending machine) mechanic. Similar to loot boxes (prize crate) in video games, gacha games induce players to spend in-game currency to receive a random virtual item. Most of these games are free-to-play...
  2. SAHO

    Video Game | Out of Print「 OOP 」Update Thread

    Use this space to post information regarding titles that are soon to be OOP or already are. Found a listing for a near or already out of print release? You can post the link here. Not limited to UK PAL releases. In summary, this thread represents "Second Chance", allowing anyone to grab a...
  3. qaiz

    Crunchyroll's Most Popular Anime Sorted by Console in 2016

    Crunchyroll continuing their trend of releasing infographs. Most Popular Show On Each Console: PlayStation 3 - Cute High Earth Defense Club Love! PlayStation 4 - Persona5 the Animation - The Day Breakers PS Vita - Brave Beats Wii - Dream Festival! Wii U - Cute High Earth...