1000 things movies taught us

I'll admit I did steal this game, but it's fun and could brighten up the forum game section a bit! As the title suggests just add cliché/a way to avoid it i.e "1. The blonde woman with the biggest boobs always dies first"

I'll start!

1. If you've captured your rival, don't invite him to a dinner and explain your evil plans before putting him some easily escapable situation, shoot him on the spot

Ben Linus

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8. Never say "I got a bad feeling about this..." cus more often than not, something bad will then happen.


Za Warudo
memorium said:
14. don't get lost somewhere in europe, some crazy German doctor may turn you into a Human Centipede
*shudder* why did you have to bring that up? >.<

15. All scientists are evil, insane, or at least perfoming questionable practices.


19: If you hear something; creaking floorboards, door handles moving or shadows of things that shouldn't be there naturally…….NEVER GO HAVE A LOOK TO SEE WHAT IT IS (without your trusty sword)

20: Black guys die first in most films…I don't know why it happens but its just a trend i've seen.

21: Use your surroundings to look at things, never look directly at anything (like boobs) unless your sure you can get away with it.

22: Just because you've technically killed it, it doesn't mean its dead