Count to 40 before a mod posts


School Idol
stuart-says-yes said:
20 isn't a challange to begin with but after that the number you have to reach will increase and then the real challange kicks in.

So what number are we aiming for this time?


okay, although i've posted in this a couple of times...i see chaos' point, it'll become another count to a million thread, and we've had enough headaches about that thread in the past.

@Chaos: worth closing this one down or give them a chance to change the threads purpose?


The Boss
I did consider posting here when it reached 19, but I figured people would just keep getting back. Anyway, it doesn't bother me at all, but I think it's kinida pointless.


We did it


If the mods post more, it becomes more of a challange, ryo crushed us 4 times lets not forget.

Anyway, If you want to keep playing, the new target is 40

also 1

Ryo Chan

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