Count to a Million


So Solid Crew... That's some Noughties nostalgia right there.

'Cos if you like me lemme know
Let me in da studio
I got 17,620 seconds before I got to go
17,620 seconds, t - t - t
17,620 seconds, t - t - t . . .

That's not even one second's worth of airtime for each of the crew's 17,621 members.


You should try Scotland Loves Anime. We had to sit through the same Kevin Bacon ad 17,623 times.

(That's how many times it felt like anyway.)
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State Alchemist
Man, been a long time since this thread was used.

Happy Seventeen thousand, six hundred and thirty posts to all.


My maths is terrible, but...

*concentrates hard; counts on fingers, muttering *

Dividend by sixty, that's.... minutes...

Divide again... That makes... Is that right?

That's almost...!

17,633 seconds!!!

(I told you my maths was bad. 😬)

João Gomes

Student Council President
You guys will never make it.

17634/1000000 chance, at most.


Well, I intend to adopt a falsely positive outlook on our chances. In the words of any football manager: "At the end of the day, it's a game of two halves. Go out there and give it 17,636 percent."

Their maths might be even worse than mine. 😬

Girls wIth Guns

Pokémon Master
So, only 982,363 more posts to go! 1.7637% complete... Yay! Almost there!

When I was in elementary school, probably about 4th or 5th grade, myself and three of the neighborhood kids I hung out with spent the entire summer break playing the card game Rummy, with our goal being to get to a million points for the winner. It took us all summer and playing a couple hours almost every day, but we did make it to a million just a few days before school started in the fall. I ended up the lucky winner, lol. I wish I still had the score sheets we used to keep track of all the games!
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