Gmask Puzzle Game


Here's a new game that i think you lot will find interesting.


How this game works is (and just like any other forum game) once a person has finally unmasked the image and uploaded it in a post, the OP then checks if it's valid. To which, they then post there "image chanllenge" so to speak. You don't have to mask the hole image, you could do several different parts :3

To perform the Gmasking/Unmasking
Download this .exe file:Gmsk170E.exe 378Kb

There's a walk through on ED:How to Gmask NSFW
(sorry i know no other place ^^;)

Rules are as Follow
  • *No Hentai/Pornographic pictures or it will get deleted
    *No Hardcore Lolicon or it will be saved then deleted
    *Slight ecchi is fine, and i mean slight
    *Keep the puzzle simple, no good being a pillock that no one else can get
    *No cutting corners, there's to be full clean unmasked images
    *Don't use the CP button as other people would have to know the pass to unmask it propley
    *If posts are longer then a fortnight, I will forcefully move it along

Anyhow here's my post


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At first I didn't understand all the buttons at all, but I soon got the hang. Interesting idea for a game. I'll have a little scout about for an appropriate image. ;)


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Okay, here goes. If I haven't done it right and it doesn't work, apologies. I've never used this Gmask tool before...

Edit: I need to re-do it. It's totally fuxxored, for some reason even though I'm highlighting the entire image it's not scrambling it all and leaving a little border which screws up any attempt to unscramble.


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Right, here goes again. Think I've got it right this time.

If you can't do it, half a point for recognising the image based on only the bottom of the frame. ;)


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Can no-one manage this one? Or aren't you trying... I get the impression this game doesn't have many players. :?


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I tried your one, but I couldn't get anything coherant out of it. Figured others may be feeling the same, so whacked up an easy one. You can almost make out what it is already!