Missing Anime Vowels

Ian Wolf

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Another idea for a game. This is basically an anime version of the "Missing Vowels" round from Only Connect (see BBC Four, Mondays, 20.30)

The idea is this. The clue setter takes the name of an anime, manga, character etc. The setter gives a category to what the answer is. For example, "Shonen character" or "Mecha Pilot". Then you remove all the vowels from it. The spaces can be moved, added or taken away, but the remaining letters remain in the same places.

Those guessing have to try and figure out what the answer is. If they are right, they get to set the next clue. Five guesses on any clue are allowed. After five wrong guesses, the setter wins and get to set the next clue.

Example Clue

Category: Shonen Jump
Clue: NPC

OK, he's my first clue.

Category: Conflict
Guesses left: 5


State Alchemist
edit2: ignore, is the answer to mangaman's Sgt. Frog?

Stopped me in my tracks for a second since you'd sort-of added letters in. :p

edit: lol, I had that reply window open for longer than I thought whilst posting in the other threads, whoops!
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I fear the game may be too easy with the current ruleset (especially given that this hobby involves a lot of Japanese words which are less obnoxious than English ones) unless we start being evil and using clues like (seiyuu) SSKNZM to trick people and always select the more obscure solution. I don't know how the original game worked, but on a forum as there is no pressure to answer unless you already know the solution it seems unlikely any lives will ever be lost otherwise...

Category: Seiyuu
Clue: R KS
Guesses left: 5