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Brock: *nosebleeds*

Ash: Don't get them out in front of us to scratch them! Eww!

Pikachu: *puts on a shocked expression*


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Brock: Damn, I can't remember the words to the second verse of our theme! Hmmm.....

*Brock sings*
...on & on we'll win the fight......to get Nurse Joy in a bikini......


the first page was so fun. i thought it was going to be a right laugh....then it turned into a porno? since when?


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dragon, dragon, rock the dragon, dragon ball z

btw this thread took an unexpected turn. I thought I would just post the first line of pokemon with no explanation and see what people did :p, thought it would be fun.

Then I would have maybe started another song from an anime after like this, except the role play took over. Glad to see someone is trying to carry it on ^_^. Nice Chaz